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HCAI (OSHPD) IOR's With A Collaborative, Common Sense Approach

At Percepta Group we work collaboratively with you to identify and solve construction challenges at
every stage of the building process to help ensure that your projects are delivered on time and budget.

Our consulting and hospital inspection services include:

  • Code consultation during project development

  • Pre-construction and design assistance services for code compliance

  • Review of all construction documents for compliance with applicable codes

  • Review of HCAI (OSHPD) Amended Construction Documents (ACD's), RFI's, and submittals

  • Inspect all phases of a construction project

  • Pre-installation inspection of all materials

  • Scheduling and management of all required special inspections both onsite and offsite

  • Audit offsite fabrication facilities to verify conformance to approved construction documents

  • Participate in Contractor pre-construction meetings to understand inspection and HCAI (OSHPD) requirements




  • Review special inspection test reports verifying compliance with contract documents

  • Management assistance of HCAI (OSHPD) Testing, Inspection, & Observation (TIO) documents

  • Scheduling and coordination of all visits by HCAI (OSHPD) field staff, including ACO, DSE, and FLSO

  • Preparation support for all HCAI (OSHPD) Verified Compliance Reports

  • Preparation support for all closeout documents

  • Design team assistance in obtaining Sustantial Compliance/Certificate of Occupancy and Construction Final

  • Provide owner's QA/QC services for non-OSHPD  highly technical projects



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